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Positions Available

Title: TREASURER's Job - Borough of Fieldsboro

Hours: Part Time
Education:College - 2 years Degree
Experience:1 ~ 3 year
Dept./Org.:TCTANJ Members-Only

TREASURER'S JOB - Borough of Fieldsboro

Position: Bookkeeper/Municipal Treasurer

HOURS: PART TIME - Average 5hrs per week, 2hrs on Thursday evenings, Other hours flexible.

Salaried Position - $6,840 per year, negotiable depending on experience.  

Location: 204 Washington St., Fieldsboro, NJ 08505


Treasurer's duties

Using Excel, QuickBooks and Online Banking, manage multiple (9) bank accounts.

Using QuickBooks, manage & pay monthly bills via printed checks.

Monthly recording of deposits, withdrawals (bills), reconcile multiple bank accounts and provide monthly reports to Mayor & Council.

Manage Municipal Budget and prepare annual Temporary Budget using Excel, WORD, and QuickBooks.

Account for Employees Pension contributions & Payroll payments.

Communicate regularly with Mayor, Finance Committee, Clerk, Council, Tax Collector, Tax Assessor, Planning Board, and CFO.

Misc. other duties include but not limited to: Entering approved annual budget to QuickBooks, Budget Transfers (Nov/Dec), annual Workers Comp Audit, maintain the Fieldsboro Contacts Database, File 1099 & 1096 forms with Vendors, State & Fed., participate in occasional Cyber Security training exercises, File NJ Pension retro salary changes, Make Quarterly NJ PENSION payments, Provide supporting documentation for annual municipal audit.

On a bi-weekly basis, provide accurate & detailed accounting for work performed as Treasurer.


Skills Required

Proficient using QuickBooks for Budgeting, Bills received, Payments, Payroll, Transfers & Interfund accounting between 11 different funds.

Intermediate to Expert level using Microsoft EXCEL - Various custom spreadsheets & workbooks used (including VBA code) for managing the many tasks for the Treasurer's department.

Novice to intermediate level using Microsoft WORD  - Mostly used to transfer data from EXCEL to documents for use by other departments.

Ability to communicate effectively using Email/Thunderbird software,

Ability to work independently following written procedures as guidance.

Ability to write new procedures & maintain current procedures related to Treasurer's day to day duties & tasks.


Time & Scheduling

Must be available to work Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm in order to interface with other departments, but for the most part, the Treasurer can make his/her own hours depending upon the workload or the need to communicate with other employees or agencies.

VARIABLE WORKLOAD - Must be flexible to work as needed depending upon the variable workload. Average workload is approximately 5 hours per week, but it varies from 15 hrs to 35 hrs total hours in any given month. Typical annual workload ranges from 250 hrs to 280 hrs.